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We understand the importance of Customer Service, having run our online business for over 16 years we know we need to be available when you want us.

  • We are not a 9-5 operation.
  • We are available 7 days a week.
  • If you want to chat with us then you can use the chat feature on the bottom right of your screen ,
  • or email us Here .
  • If you live in Vancouver call us or text on 902-304-0051
  • Plus at the bottom of this page is a contact form.

The only thing we haven't mastered yet is ESP. We do have feelings, that's why customer service is so important to us and you.

We always enjoy hearing from our customers. If you have a question, a comment or a concern, please contact us by any of the following channels:

  • For more information on Wildflowers Aromatherapy and Gifts.
  • We are located in Nova Scotia - Canada (All our products are shipped from North Vancouver BC)


All checkout transactions will be made in Canadian Dollars (CAD$) & converted to your local currency by your bank.

To check what the product will cost in your local currency, see image to the right.

Our prices are shown in CAD$, plus current exchange rate for USD$

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