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Natural back pain and stress relief products

The Warm Buddy Shop heat therapy products have been used by many thousands since their inception in 1995. Our Warm Buddy shop carries all the popular heating pads for back pain relief and natural muscle pain relief products, plus all the heat wraps for neck pain and stress relief.

Our world famous warm up animals are perfect to give comfort warmth and also stress relief. All the Warm Buddy products can be used warm or cold, pop one in the freezer for the summer months to help cool you down.

People who buy Warm Buddy products find they will last for years always there to offer comfort and pain relief when needed.

You can also check out our Cool Buddy products to use to stay cool in the summer heat, all our heat packs can be used warm or cold.

Back Pain relief

Our heat packs and heat wraps are designed to give a warm moist heat that will penetrate the muscles helping them relax and increase the blood flow, this will in turn help relive muscle aches and pains fast and naturally.

Neck pain relief

Our heat wraps are again designed to help relieve muscle aches and pains that will give you heightened stress levels, so put one of the heat wraps in the microwave for the allotted time and place it around your shoulders and neck and feel the stress being relieved.

Stress relief

Stress comes in many forms; the greatest one is neck muscles tightening up, due to excessive work on the computer, a quick check to see how tense and tight the neck and shoulder muscles are. Take a deep breath and exhale and see how far your shoulder drops into a more relaxed position.

So if you can’t take stretch breaks away from the computer, you know you will always have a warm Buddy heat wrap that will help you relax.

We have a local company Worksafe BC that use our ultra-shoulder wraps for their staff to use when they are feeling stressed, and the company’s ergonomist says that there is noticeable how much more relaxed the employees are after using the heat wraps and an increase in productivity was noticed due to the lowering of stress levels.

The Warm Buddy shop is an online shop, selling locally made products, based in Vancouver BC.


Warm Buddy make the best heat packs for relieving back pain and stress-naturally

Warm Buddy Shop

Warm Buddy make heat therapy products that promote relaxation and provide natural relief from aches, pains and stress. Ideal for relieving back pain and for stress at the office or home.

With today's technology being so readily available,laptop/PC or mobile devices we sometimes forget how long we have been working the device and end up with strained neck or stiff back from sitting too long.

Pop one of our Warm Buddy heating pads in the micro wave for a few minutes and enjoy the pain and stress relieving warm moist heat that will penetrate those aching and stiff muscles and make you back pain feel much better.

The trick here to eliminate these stiff muscles in the first place is to take stretch breaks away from the device, should you forget it's always nice to know there is a natural means to help relieve them should they occur - your trusted Warm Buddy heat pack

Simply heat in the microwave or cool in the freezer as desired. A Cool Buddy is perfect to keep the summer heat off and keep cool.

Our Warm Buddy shop carries all the Warm Buddy products on line.

All Warm Buddy shop heat therapy products are proudly made in Canada.